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About This Tool

This is a PHP script to retrieve / "fetch" tweets from an account and returns the results in a simple HMTL table with no formatting that you can copy and paste into the clipboard.
Originally created to archive / backup tweets into a blog by 1) entering a handle, 2) enter either a date range or the number of tweets to retrieve and 3) copy and paste results into blog.

Keywords: twitter, tweets, tweet, save tweets, twitter archives, tweet archives, twitter backup, tweet backups, fetchtweets


  • Just enter the twitter handle (or hash), the date range (or number of tweets to retrieve) and voila!

This web-based tool / service is provided free of charge. Please read our Terms of Service before using.

Please send suggestions to Twitter handle: @jorper98 using:#fetchTweets
Developed by Jorge Pereira. Source code information, customization and licensing is available at jorgep.com

As of 12/31/2015 I released the source code to the community as Open Source. Review and contribute at: https://bitbucket.org/jorgep/fetchtweets

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